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  • Correcting the Record: Innovative Guns of the...

    Photo by Wikimedia Commons The Remington Nylon 66 semiauto in Mohawk brown. In my post on the Remington Nylon 66, I wrote that during the 1950s, a dozen or so guns came out that were years […]

  • Relief from the Heat in the Southern Deer Woods

    Photo by Will Brantley Brantley captured this image of two bucks locked up in a food plot in Mid-September. While Bestul is reporting a near mast-crop failure in the Midwest, we have a much […]

  • Green is Key to Midwest Deer Hunting Right Now

    With a poor acorn crop, focusing on green food sources is highly productive for Midwestern bowhunters.   Significant chunks of the Midwest seem to have a poor or nonexistent acorn crop this […]

  • New Hook Shots: Mississippi Gulf Coast Rumble

      Hook Shots: Mississippi Gulf Coast Rumble by FieldandStream   I'm a glorified inshore Gulf Coast addict. Not only do I love just about everything that swims in the bayous and passes, but […]

  • Hook Shots: Mississippi Gulf Coast Rumble

    What the Mississippi Gulf Coast lacks in miles, it makes up for with a stunning variety of brute fish. And as host Joe Cermele and long-time friend Ben Romans would find out, the secret to […]

  • Sportsmen Need Only One Answer From the...

    Photo by Wikimedia Commons Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (Courtesy Michael Vadon and Harald Dettenborn) Presidential debate season is a lot like football season: It produces a lot of […]

  • Recipe: Poached Quail—No Plucking Required

    Photo by Roscoe Betsil A delicious (and easy) upland recipe. Few things grace a plate as dramatically as a whole plucked upland bird, however it’s cooked. But sometimes, for any number […]

  • Photos: Seven Best Spots to Flyfish This Fall

    Photo by Tim Romano Trout hotspots to check out once the temperature drops. Spring fishing gets all the hype, but if you’re after deserted streams and fat trout, don’t retire […]

  • Why You Should Head North to Hunt Sandhill Cranes

    Photo by Jim Saubier Crane Wreck: Among the decoy spread, a hunter shows off a ­sandhill crane. Across the field, Max Coch­ran spots a flock of sandhill cranes curving toward the […]

  • Seven Best Fall Flyfishing Spots

    Green-2.jpg Photo by Tim Romano   The Green River in Utah The A, B, and C sections of the Green River below the dam in Dutch Jon, Utah, are […]