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Vehicle Cabinets Vehicle Rifle Cabinets

Vehicle Cabinets Vehicle Rifle Cabinets

Ford PPV Police Interceptor cabinet systems  are for the ford police pursuit vehicles.

The for PPV interceptor is an excellent police car as well as has a wonderful crash examination stats. The car passes a 75-mph rear-impact test is just one of the strengths that specify the Ford Police Interceptor conversions. Continuing this custom of extreme police officer defense, Ford SPACE (Side Defense And Cabin Improvement) Design as well as structural support work together to safeguard policemans on duty.

Cops Interceptor ® Sedan
The ford PPV Interceptor cabinets is the product of nearly 70 years of understanding and knowledge, and also utilizes what we’ve learned through our partnerships with law enforcement experts. * You’ll see that it’s purpose-built for authorities applications from the top down. Every little thing has been analyzed– from smartly powering and saving authorities digital equipment to protecting chassis elements.

Law Enforcement Police Interceptor Cabinets Energy
Police companies that call for a large inside and also ample area for cargo can have those capabilities while getting pursuit-rated performance. The pursuit-rated Police Interceptor Energy is purpose-built for authorities job. You’ll delight in the very same power, performance and defense as the Cops Interceptor Car however with increased indoor adaptability.

Non-original devices can adversely influence automobile collision performance. For instance, push-bars can negatively impact air bag release in frontal influences as well as prisoner barriers might result in head and neck trauma in high-speed rear impacts. Because of the irregularity of equipment installed, based on private law-enforcement company requirements, Ford does not test aftermarket equipment for performance with Ford components. Police must balance needs for function and also various other police officer safety and security worries when gearing up police vehicles with non-original equipment.


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