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Weapons Competitions

Weapons Competitions

There are many types of weapons competitions throughout the United States and the globe. Many times when we use the term ‘Weapons Competitions” we are reffering to hand to hand combat or martial arts of some sort. Normally when we refer to firearms competitions – we are referring to Guns, Rifles and Firearms. We have taken the time to compile a list of the types of hand to hand combat weapons competitions there are. Eventually we will compile a list of competitions and post them for you to see.

Types of Weapons used in competition

(Simulated) bladed weapons

  • Matrak in 16th century Ottoman Empire
  • Fechtschulen (fencing competitions) in 16th to 17th century Germany
  • traditional academic fencing (mainly in Germany, 16th century to present)
  • Kendo (Japanese fencing)
  • Modern fencing
  • SCA heavy combat
  • Historical European martial arts
  • Historical medieval battles (HMB)

Sportive stick fighting

  • Quarterstaff (historical English, 17th to 18th century)
  • Singlestick (1904 Summer Olympics)
  • Bâton français
  • Gatka (Punjabi stick fighting)
  • Arnis (Filipino stick fighting)


  • Modern competitive jousting


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